Some Endangered Animals on Earth

Some Endangered Animals on Earth
July 1, 2023

Some Endangered Animals on Earth – It cannot be denied that environment is damaged by humans. The earth is getting older and it is no longer as healthy as in the past. Because of the changes in environment, there are many animals and plants that no longer exist. Extinction is no longer avoidable. The condition is getting worse and how there are endangered animals. These are some lists of those endangered animals.

First, it is the giant panda. Everyone surely knows panda. It has interesting or attractive appearance with combination of black and white. The appearance is cute and iconic. However, people should be aware that panda is in the brink of extinction. Even in China that becomes the natural habitat of the cure animals, there are only around 2500 pandas nowadays. Because of that, conservations are promoted for he pandas. However, the cute animals are quite sensitive to diseases. In the wild life, they are easily spotted by predators. Even, starvation is real threats for them as there are fewer bamboos that can be found the wild. That is why China really pays attention to the preservation of the iconic animal. Now, many of them live in closed environment where foods, protections, and even healthcare are provided for them.

Next, it is tiger. Tiger may be one of the top in the food pyramids. They are the hunters in the wild. However, tigers face stronger predators and these are humans. Tigers may be powerful and they are the top spot of food chain. But tigers cannot defeat humans who hunt them with weapons and firearms. Humans hunt tigers to get the skins. In addition, their homes and habitats get destroyed by humans. People keep destroying the trees of jungles so their home has shrunk drastically compared to the past. When there are fewer trees, then tigers will be lack of herbivore for their prey. Even, there are some people who still believe that body and meat of tigers can become medicines. Although they are in the list of endangered animals, some people still hunt tigers the wild.

Javan rhinos are also in the brink of extinction. Some species of rhinos have even been erased from earth. The numbers of rhinos in Java have declined drastically in recent years. Javan rhinos are rarest species of rhino in earth right now. Even in Java that becomes their natural habitats, there are only around 75 rhinos that can be found. Ujung Kulon National Park has been set as World Heritage Site and one the reasons are that it is the home of the rhinos. By doing so, it is expected that the exotic animals can survive the numbers can increase.

Amur leopard is also reported by WWF as the endangered animal. This is one of the big cats on earth and it is extremely rare. Even now, it is said that there are only around 100 of them on earth. World has stated that the Amur leopards are endangered and it has been since 1996. It has very specific ecosystem and habitat and these animals can only be found in small area of Russia and China. Habitat loss is one of the main reasons that endanger the animals. The good news is that currently most of them live in the protected area in Russia and China and these animals can supports in the ecosystem to survive and increase the numbers.

Some Endangered Animals on Earth

Mountain gorillas are also in the list of endangered animals of WWF. The mountain gorillas have specific habitats and the animals only live in the high altitude. These animals can only be seen in Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda. Things that threaten the animals are the expansions of human, local people now start to invade the habitat of the mountain gorillas. Fortunately, governments have great policies to protect them. Now, it is expected that there are around 1000 mountain gorillas on earth.

Next, it is orangutan. Specifically, it is the Tapanuli orangutan. This is distinct species and this is announced in 2017. Unfortunately, the species is endangered. There are only around 800 of them in the wild. Loss of habitat because of expansion of human becomes the main reasons. Now, forest has been replaced by agricultural farms. Trees are replaced and these make the orangutans lose their homes.

Other exotic animal that is endangered is Yangtze finless porpoise. This is an aquatic mammals and their natural habitat is in the Yangtze River. Unfortunately, ecological threats occur during some recent years. Environmental degradations become one of the main reasons. Then, overfishing around the river endangers the animals. In order to protect the freshwater mammals, China implements policies to give them high-level protection. Because of that, now there are around 1000 of them around the Yangtze River and it is expected that the numbers will keep increasing in the future. Other than these animals, there are still more animals that are being endangered in the wild and these need serious attention of humans.

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