Exotic Animals That Are Endangered Now

Exotic Animals That Are Endangered Now
July 1, 2023

Exotic Animals That Are Endangered Now – There are many species of animals on earth. However, it is predicted that the numbers are going to reduce significantly in the future. Damage and reduction of their habitat become serious threats that can really endanger them. Even, some animals cannot be found on earth anymore and people can only see the pictures and videos of them. The situation will get worse when it does not get attention. In the end, humans are contributors of the extinctions of animals so it is necessary to limit the destructions of human so the animals can still have home and habitat to live. As for the currently endangered animals, these are some of them.

First, it is orangutan. Orangutan may seem like gorillas and chimpanzees although they are considered smarter in some aspects. Currently, tropical forests in Borneo become the main habitat of orangutans in the world. Unfortunately, loggings of trees in the forests and capture of these exotic animals have endangered them. People hunt orangutan for the illegal pet trades. Reductions of forest size have also made the animals lose their homes. Currently, there are only around 60,000 orangutans in Borneo.

Next, there is Tasmanian devil. This is exotic animals from the area of Australia, especially in the Tasmania Island. In recent years, the number of Tasmanian devils decreases drastically and it is caused by certain diseases. The devil facial tumor disease is reported to reduce their numbers up to 60%. This is seriously a dangerous case. The number can keep decreasing and there are only around 10,000 in the wild. In order to prevent the extinction of the animals, captive breeding with proper treatment and vaccinations are given to the Tasmanian devils so they can survive in the wild.

In fact, gorillas are endangered species. There are some subspecies of gorillas and all of them are under strict protections. All species and subspecies get attention because they are really endangered. There are only around 220,000 of them in the wild currently and the numbers can keep decreasing. Reduction and damage in their habitats is one of the main reasons. It cannot be denied that their homes are destroyed by human. Then, gorillas are also hunted for trophies, and even talismans. Things are worse because the animals are slow in reproduction. The female gorillas only give birth once every four years so they are in critical dangers.

Exotic Animals That Are Endangered Now

Leopards have some species, and snow leopard is one of them. Biologically and genetically, snow leopards are actually considered closer to tigers instead of the leopard species. As its name shows, snow leopards live in the snowy regions. Currently, it is estimated that there are only around 6500 of them in the wild. Mostly, they are found in China and Mongolia. Unfortunately, humans are reasons of them being endangered. They are lack of natural preys and even humans hunt them down in the wild.

Sea otters are next animals in the endangered lists. Humans hunt the sea otters because of the fur. The fur of this cute and exotic animal is waterproof and the furs are harvested to become luxurious coats. These make people hunt them crazily for the money. Even, they are almost wiped out from earth and there are only around 2000 of them in the wild. Thankfully, some organizations have concerns about the sea otters and they are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Then, the commercial hunting is officially band in all countries. This helps them to survive. However, it does not mean that sea otters are free from dangers. They are endangered because of the natural phenomena and even oil spills caused by humans.

Elephants have huge body but they are endangered in the wild. Especially the Asian elephants, they are endangered in the wild. Expansion of humans has threatened the elephants. They lose their homes. There are many reports of these animals entering human populations. However, it is not their mistakes. Humans have taken their lands and tracks so when elephants migrates, they have to enter human territory. Meanwhile, the tracks of their migration will always be the same. Thus, they move by entering people’s village and they are hunted for it. In addition, people hunt them to the ivories, meats and skins.

Similar to elephants, blue whales also have gigantic body. Even, blue whale is the biggest animal on earth. However, the numbers of blue whales has decreased up to 90%. Commercial hunting is one of the reasons. There are also risks of ship collisions and even issues with fish nets in the seas. These have threatened them and made their numbers decreased in the wild. Many actions are conducted to protect them and even their migrations are now tracked by satellite to reduce the dangers. There are also limitation of the fish nets and other efforts to protect the biggest animals on earth. Other than these animals, there are still other of them that need attentions.


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