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Ask a Wildlife Biologist

I am happy to answer your wildlife questions. If your question or comment relates to a blog post, leave it in the Comments thread for that post. Otherwise, you can contact me by e-mail or on Twitter (instructions below). 

Anything you send to me, including pictures, may be used by me for educational purposes; if I do so in a blog post please be aware that I may also use your first name, last initial, and general location.

Do you appreciate having a Ph.D. biologist on call to answer your questions? My science communication and outreach is made possible by my patrons: you can become one for as little as $1 a month.

Students: I will assist you in finding answers to specific questions but will not respond to vague requests. Please also view this open letter to science students and teachersIf you have an assignment to interview someone in a career you find interesting, please view this post on common questions I receive and post any new questions in the Comments.


For wildlife identification requests, provide your general location. If you have a picture, include it. Call me old-fashioned, but I appreciate it when you are polite and use full sentences in your e-mail.


If you have a quick question or identification request, feel free to tweet it to me. I do not answer direct message (i.e., private) identification requests; answering questions is only worth my time if lots of people can learn from them.


  I hope you will join me on Facebook, where I provide lots of wildlife news and information. However, I don’t currently answer questions there. If you want a snake identified on Facebook, try this excellent Snake Identification group.