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About David

Dr. David Steen is a wildlife ecologist and conservation biologist who has authored over 100 scientific publications; he is also is an award-winning science communicator known for his wide-ranging outreach efforts. His work has been covered extensively everywhere from Popular Science and National Geographic to the New York Times.

While maintaining this presence online for science communication, he represents only himself. However, he is also the Herpetology Research Leader of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, a member of the Eastern Indigo Snake Reintroduction Committee, the Executive Director of The Alongside Wildlife Foundation, and sits on the Board of Directors of the Wildlands Network. Slate magazine called him the best biologist on Twitter and he’s always available there for your wildlife questions: @AlongsideWild.


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New book: Secrets of Snakes (Texas A&M University Press)

Some of my writing: Slate | Motherboard | Earth Touch | LiveScience | Cool Green Science


All of my posts are licensed under a Creative Commons copyright. In other words, you may copy, distribute, and transmit what I have written, but you must attribute the text to and provide a link to this blog. You may not edit what I have written and you may not use for commercial purposes anything I have written. Most of the photographs that appear on this blog are mine, many are not. If you reproduce any of my posts, include the following byline (with links activated if online):

Dr. David A. Steen (@AlongsideWild) is a wildlife ecologist and conservation biologist and blogs about science at His copyrighted work appears here under a Creative Commons license.

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