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Announcing The Alongside Wildlife Foundation!

Hi all,

   I wanted to let you all know about some major changes related to my professional life and science communication efforts. I have been blogging here for about a decade, and over the years my outreach has spread to other platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube (I hope you have already found me at those places!). Soon we will be in print too: I’m excited to announce that I recently signed a contract with Texas A&M University Press to write a new book: Secrets of Snakes and the Science of Their Myths, building off many of the themes you have seen me discuss right here! 

  In other news, to support my science communication work, and the work of other scientists and science communicators, I have formed a new non-profit charitable organization, The Alongside Wildlife Foundation, and I hope you will visit our new website.

  From the site:

    I hope you will check the website and learn about our work to promote and communicate science. Let me know what you think below! If our interests align, please consider joining our (tax-deductible) support network, which helps make it all possible. 

  In other news, I have resigned my job at Auburn University and next week I will be moving to Georgia to start a new position managing the research program of the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. I’m excited to join this team! 

  Thanks all for your support here over the years and I’m looking forward to what comes next!