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If The Snakes Are Still Sleeping, We Can Identify Cats

Most of the identification requests I receive are for snakes, but this means I don’t get as many e-mails during the winter when these reptiles are asleep. Fortunately, I do sometimes get questions about other animals. Readers, what are these cats? Explain your answers in the comments!


I was attending the Festival of Birds this month in Naples, FL and surrounding area.  While on the early evening boating tour of Rookery Bay Preserve, Naples, FL in the 10,000 island area an animal was spotted swimming to one of the small islands.  I was able to get a photo of it but with it being far away, it is a little hard to ID.  I have had a few people give me their thoughts about the animal; however, it would be great to have your opinion.  Attached is the photo.

The wild cat is on the right side of the photo under the mangrove tree.

Thank you,

Sherry F.

Just FYI I didn’t take these photos and just took a picture of the phone and downloaded the other from my friend, but we wanted to know if this thing is the same creature and what exactly it is. He says it’s a big cat but I’m skeptical. I’m sorry if the photo quality is poor I had to shrink it to attach. Our general location is SWVA. These were taken fall 2017.

Thad G.

Yesterday evening here in Delhi  Iowa it was 10 minutes to 6 this walked across the parking lot of our store.  The trailer tongue behind this is approximately 31″ tall. Is this a bobcat?

thanks jeremy