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Readers Write In: Name That Snake

Snake #1 (bonus points for describing the behavior)

Over the past year or so, numerous people have taken me up on my offer to answer their wildlife-related questions. A common theme is that of the mystery snake; these e-mails are from people who have spotted a snake in their yard and are curious to know what species the animal represents. Some of these folks tend to be shoot-first-ask-questions-later types, but I appreciate their interest. Many do realize that not every good snake is a dead snake, but do not want to take the chance of having a venomous snake around their home, particularly if there are children or pets present.

Snake #2 (bonus points for describing the behavior)

So, although I answer all the e-mails I receive directly, I wanted to post the pictures here so that others can learn how to identify the snakes and determine whether they are venomous. The purpose of this blog post is two-fold; I recently integrated a new commenting system and I want to know if it works well (for you and me). You’ll notice you can now sort comments and ‘reply’ or ‘like’ specific comments.

Snake #3

I am looking for your participation. For each picture, please identify the snake, share some interesting natural history information or perhaps a relevant personal anecdote , tell us how to determine whether the snake is venomous or not, and how it can be differentiated from similar looking snakes (particularly venomous ones). If you are an earlier commenter, please leave some pics for others to address. And let me know if you like/dislike the new commenting system.

To everyone curious about snakes and other wildlife, keep the pictures and questions coming.

Snake #4

Snake #5

Snake #6

Snake #7