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Readers Write In: What is this Mysterious Juvenile Crowned Snake?

Hi David,

If the kids I had ID this snake were correct it may prove a little more difficult.  They said it was a certain variation of a common snake.  At the time we were renting a double wide in a golf community until our house could be finished just after moving to Florida.  It was in Lake Alfred, Fl.  This little guy came searching thru the grass to me one morning.  I got a couple pictures to try and see just what he was.  I was impressed by the colored crown upon his head.

George D.
Auburndale, FL

Readers, please help George identify this juvenile snake. The key to its identification is the shape that George noticed on its head. Although the rest of the color and patterning of this snake will change as it ages, the pattern on its head will remain, conclusively revealing it as a …