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Readers Write In: I Don’t Think There’s a Rattle on this Mystery Snake


My sister killed this poor critter when she was weed whacking her lawn. She lives in Fayetteville, NC. She posted the pic on Facebook asking if anyone knows what kind it is. Guesses range across the spectrum of probable candidates. There’s no clear consensus of opinions so far. I don’t think this guy has a rattle. I don’t recognize the markings. I was no help at all.

You’re my favorite southern snake expert so you were the first person I thought to ask about it. It has a beautiful and distinctive pattern. Maybe you or some of your readers recognize it? We really want to know what it is. Please let me know what you think. Thanks for doing what you do. Especially love the ‘giant’ rattlesnakes.


Chris M.
St. Augustine, Fl

    Okay readers, let’s get rambling. Chris and his sister would like to know what kind of snake this is. Please let them know and make sure to indicate how you figured it out. Guesses are, as always, welcome and encouraged.

   I think a bunch of you will quickly figure out the Genus; I’m interested to see the range of opinions while we narrow it down to species.