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Secrets of Snakes – My First Book – Now Available!

My first book is finally out! Secrets of Snakes is 29 chapters of the most common snake myths and misconceptions (based on what I’ve learned from you) plus 100+ photos and original art! It’s the culmination of over a decade of science communication and many of the chapters grew out of posts that first appeared right here on this blog. I’m excited for you to see it.

From the publisher:

Snakes inspire extreme reactions. Love or hate these limbless reptiles, almost everyone is fascinated by them. Although snakes are widespread and frequently encountered, they may be more misunderstood than any other group of animals. From giant rattlesnakes to mating dances, there are dozens of myths and misconceptions about snakes. In Secrets of Snakes: The Science beyond the Myths, wildlife biologist David Steen tackles the most frequently asked questions and clears up prevailing myths.

Buddy Rogers

In a conversational style with a bit of humor, Steen presents the relevant biology and natural history of snakes, making the latest scientific research accessible to a general audience. When addressing myths about snakes, he explains how researchers use the scientific method to explain which parts of the myth are biologically plausible and which are not.

Steen also takes a close  look at conventional wisdom and common advice about snakes. For example, people are told they can distinguish coralsnakes from non-venomous mimics by remembering the rhyme,
“red on black, friend of Jack, red on yellow, kill a fellow,” but this tip is only relevant to coralsnakes and two mimics living in the southeastern United States, and it does not always work with other species or in other countries.

Enhanced by more than 100 stunning color photographs and three original drawings, Secrets of Snakes: The Science beyond the Myths encourages readers to learn about the snakes around them and introduces them to how scientists use the scientific method and critical thinking to learn about the natural world.

From the Foreword, by Harry W. Greene:

“If you don’t know much about snakes yet and want to learn, this is the best place imaginable to start – even if what you mainly want to avoid is my favorite organisms, although I hope that by reading David Steen’s very special book you’ll come away more predisposed to like them too.”

Matthew Paulson

Available on Amazon and look for it wherever else

you buy or borrow books.