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Friday Roundup: This Week’s Wildlife Links (July 26th, 2013)

New butterfly species described in Texas.

Just because it shakes its tail does not mean it is a rattlesnake.

Where are all the female Madagascar Sucker-footed bats?

Ever hear of a Dwarf Buffalo? There are about 350 left and they exist in the Philippines. Here are some pics.

Necrofrogophilia, or something.

Introduced foxes were decimating a small population of rare island-dwelling penguins in Australia. Local free-range chicken farmers said to put sheepdogs on the island to protect the birds. Success.

Chilean deer (aka Huemel deer) are making a comeback.

Mega-sized feral cats are wreaking havoc in Australia (some familiar photo tricks being used?)

Frog declared extinct re-discovered in Israel. And, good news for Yellow-legged Frogs in California. 

Ocean giant killed. Cue slow sarcastic clapping.

Saving the Tenkile (Scott’s Tree Kangaroo).

You may have seen pictures or videos of sick or dead oarfish, magnificent animals, washed up on the beach. Now, for the first time, video of them doing alive and well.

Mark Bailey gives a primer on Alabama snakes.

Saving Vermont’s Timber Rattlers.

For years we learned about how the bacteria in Komodo Dragon mouths kill their prey. Wrong.

Must view: live cam of Osprey nest in Montana.