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Snake Identification Challenge of the Week: Garage Invaders

I found this big guy today under a boat. I live on the East-Central coast of Florida. He is about 5-6 feet long. Very defensive, very hissy, and liked to open his mouth really wide. He made no attempt to take off. Stood his ground like the brave sassy snake he is. My first guess would Eastern Coachwhip, but I’ve never seen one in person before. He was near an entrance to a known pine snake hole, but I don’t think he came out of it. It’s very hot (93 degrees) and dry here right now. It was about 6pm. I would appreciate any insight you might have. Have a great day.

Thank you,

Tracy F.

Good morning,

This snake was jammed in my garage door this morning.
I’m writing you because I haven’t been able to find an exact match through google and everyone I’ve sent the picture to says a different snake!

I live about 45 minutes north of Houston, Texas.
While the body was still hanging a partially digested bird fell out. Other guesses I’ve received have been; copperhead, cottonmouth, rat snake. I saw a very similar looking snake on a 2 year old post from your website but it didn’t have a head. Most of the commenters were saying rat snake.


Location: Southern Illinois

Dr. Steen:

Got another one for you — thanks!



What Are These Snakes?

Snake Identification Post Ground Rules
-Guesses are welcome and encouraged. Don’t worry if you’re not an expert, wrong guesses allow us to talk about how to distinguish between the various species and that’s why I run these posts.
-If you can’t explain why you think a snake is a particular species, go ahead and just say what you think it is. But otherwise please do let us all know how you identified the animal. If you’re wrong, we can explain why. If you’re right, this helps everyone learn how to identify snakes, which is the point of these posts.

-This is not a pop quiz, any kind of research is encouraged and I hope you will engage with other commenters to try to figure these snakes out. I will eventually chime in with my thoughts.

-Assume I know what kind of snake is in the picture. I run these posts because they are outreach opportunities. Please don’t send me private e-mails with your guesses, include them below.

-Remember, the person that sent me the picture is probably reading your comments. Although it is frustrating to know that many of these snakes have been killed, these people do want to learn more about them. More snake knowledge will lead to fewer snakes being killed. Don’t hate, educate.